High-Performing Environmentally Acceptable Lubricants and Fluids

High Performing Environmentally Acceptable Lubricants and Fluids

Performance Biolubricants is an M&I Materials business dedicated to developing high-performing Environmentally Acceptable Lubricants (EALs) and Fluids for demanding applications. These include as a chain lubricant, for example as a bike chain lubricant, industrial chain lubricant, forestry and agricultural equipment and as a hydraulic fluid for hydraulic presses and machine tool hydraulic systems.

Performance Biolubricants is borne out of our rich heritage in ester chemical manufacturing for well over 40 years. Our applications expertise spans a number of highly technical sectors and our products are used globally by some of the world’s most recognised brands.

Introducing MI240 – Environmentally Acceptable Lubricants that outperform traditional oils

MI240 is our range of synthetic ester-based lubricating fluids and lubricants that deliver numerous advantages over and above traditional oils such as mineral oil. For example, MI240 has excellent levels of oxidation resistance, superior stability and low carbon residue properties.

Due to also being biodegradable, unlike traditional mineral oils, MI240 is proven to be environmentally friendly and outperforms the hardest-wearing oils in a range of applications.

The MI240 Performance Biolubricants Range

Using our ester chemistry expertise, we have formulated the MI240 range of Environmentally Acceptable Lubricants and Fluids in each of the following applications to overcome the most challenging performance limitations of mineral oil.

Acclaimed all-weather motorcycle and bicycle chain protector and lubricant.

Light viscosity, superior film strength, penetrates the interfaces between chain pins and side plates.

Clean-chain performance for agricultural equipment such as chainsaws, tree harvesters and saw-mill chains.

High-performing hydraulic fluid range for all hydraulic systems, such as plastic injection moulding.

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