High-Performing Environmentally Acceptable Lubricants and Fluids

MI240 Performance Biolubricants and Fluids available as a range of products

Our performance biolubricants technical experts have reformulated our synthetic ester and developed a new and exciting MI240 Performance Biolubricants range of fluids and lubricants specifically designed for the following applications

Acclaimed all-weather motorcycle and bicycle chain protector and lubricant
Light viscosity, superior film strength, penetrates the interfaces between chain pins and side plates
Clean-chain performance for agricultural equipment such as chainsaws, tree harvesters and saw-mill chains
High-performing hydraulic fluid range for all hydraulic systems, such as plastic injection moulding

Proven MI240 Performance BioLubricants and Fluids Benefits

Longer Fluid Life – Reduced oxidation and varnishing during operation

Reduced Downtime – Fewer fluid changes

Reduced Fluid Disposal Costs – Less fluid for disposal

Biodegradable – The greener choice compared with a mineral oil lubricant

Superior Fluid Under Temperature Fluctuations – Better fluid flow at low temperature, better protection at elevated temperature

Lowest Total Cost of Ownership – Quicker payback compared to mineral oil based products

Biodegradable Performance BioLubricants and Fluids

MI240 products are synthetic ester-based Environmentally Acceptable Lubricants (EALs) and are biodegradable, non-toxic and non-hazardous to flora and fauna.

Classified as readily biodegradable according to OECD 301 and fully biodegradable according to IEC 61039, the synthetic ester technology which MI240 is based on, can be used with confidence in environmentally sensitive areas. This includes locations situated close to water for example.

OECD 301 F

OECD 301 F Test Regime, for determining material biodegradability status

Oxidation Resistant

Mineral oil based fluids rapidly oxidise and varnish. They become highly contaminated and require frequent fluid replacement.

Conversely MI240 Performance BioLubricants and Fluids resist oxidation and varnishing, maintaining their original cleanliness and have long fluid life.

Fluid Cleanliness comparison MI240 Performance Biolubricants

Longer Service Life and Fewer Fluid Changes

Mineral oil based fluids become so highly contaminated in use that they require frequent replacement.

MI240 fluids outperform mineral oil. Their useable lifespan equates to multiple mineral oil fluid changes, saving you downtime and offer vastly reduced fluid disposal costs.

Fluid Cleanliness Comparison Over Time MI240 Performance BioLubricants