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MI240 Forestry Chain Lubricant

MI240 FORESTER – a biodegradable forestry chain lubricant that is high-performing and compliant with UK forestry regulations. It provides outstanding, clean-chain performance for specialist agricultural equipment such as chainsaws, tree harvesters and saw-mill chains.

Whereas mineral oil/ fossil-based lubricants have historically performed adequately in forestry applications, they do not meet environmental guidelines and regulations.

Conversely, vegetable ester-based chain lubricants, whilst meeting environmental regulations, generally perform poorly, creating gums and resins which attract sawdust and grit that abrade and wear the chain, frequently causing chain breakages.

The best of both is here with MI240 FORESTER chain lubricant. During extensive field trials in arduous conditions, MI240 FORESTER chain penetrates between chain pins and side plates to form a tenacious thin-film protective coating which sticks to the metal surfaces – but does not attract sawdust and grit. The chain remains clean and free from abrasive material resulting in significantly reduced chain wear and breakages.

MI240 FORESTER is biodegradable and non-toxic ensuring that it is fully compliant with UK forestry environmental regulations.

MI240 FORESTER chain lubricant is of proven benefit to professionals who are rewarded by the weight of timber they can produce and who cannot afford the unplanned downtime caused by chain breakages.

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Forestry Chain Lubricant Benefits

Outstanding, Clean-chain performance – Will not form sticky resins unlike natural ester and vegetable based oils

Longer Chain Life – Penetrates between chain pins and side plates and forms a tenacious thin-film protective coating that does not attract sawdust and grit

Reduced Unplanned Downtime – Abrasive wear on the chain is reduced, fewer chain breakages and extended chain life

Biodegradable – The greener choice compared with a mineral oil-based lubricants

UK forestry regulations compliant – Compliant with forestry environmental guidelines and regulations

Lowest Total Cost of Ownership – Extended chain life and efficiency compared to mineral oils

UK Regulations and Forestry Equipment Lubricants

For regulated land, Forestry UK specifies that equipment owner/operators may only use vegetable oil-based lubricants – such as esters – in place of mineral oil-based lubricants, which are prohibited.

However, unlike MI240 FORESTER, which is a synthetic ester-based lubricant, natural esters and other plant-based oils can congeal in cold weather and do not deliver the same performance levels demanded in cold ambient weather conditions.

Lubricant Use in Environmentally Acceptable Lubricant
Regulated Land
Use in Environmentally Acceptable Lubricant
Regulated Land PLUS Cold Weather Performance
MI240 FORESTER (Synthetic Ester) Yes Yes
Natural Ester Yes No
Mineral Oil No No