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The future of hydraulic fluid in plastic moulding has arrived

MI240 Hydraulic Fluid

MI240 HYDRAULIC is a range of high-performance hydraulic fluids engineered from a biodegradable synthetic ester. It excels in a multitude of manufacturing applications such as hydraulic presses and machine tool hydraulic systems.

Plastic injection moulding is well-known as a particularly challenging application due to the need for consistent performance under elevated and varying temperature. This is where MI240 HYDRAULIC is particularly effective in its performance under these extreme conditions.

In the video below, Jamie Shaw from our Service Partner at OMS LubriTek talks about the benefits of MI240 over traditional mineral oil, and the transition process when changing an injection moulding system from traditional mineral oil to MI240 HYDRAULIC.

Field trials across the United Kingdom accompanied by full laboratory analysis programmes have demonstrated that the performance of MI240 HYDRAULIC is far superior under the temperature fluctuations experienced in plastic moulding equipment than conventional mineral oils.

MI240 HYDRAULIC fluid is saturated synthetic ester-based, which delivers performance-critical resistance to oxidation and varnish formation. This is verified by many thousands of hours of field trials and independent laboratories where under durability tests no carbon residue has been detected.

Formulated to Viscosity Grades 32, 46 and 68 – MI240 HYDRAULIC fluid is engineered to meet the exacting requirements of injection and blow-moulding machine hydraulic systems, to work extremely well in high pressure applications.

MI240 HYDRAULIC fluids provide tangible benefits in a multitude of manufacturing applications such as hydraulic presses and machine tool hydraulic systems.

If you are interested in trialing or testing MI240 HYDRAULIC fluids, please click this link and complete the sample request form and we will be in touch. Alternatively you can speak with one of our Performance BioLubricants experts via our video call booking service.

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How much could MI240 HYDRAULIC save you?

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Proven Hydraulic Fluid Benefits

Longer Hydraulic Fluid Life – Reduced oxidation and varnishing during operation

Reduced Downtime – Less machine wear, reduced risk of spool valve jamming

Reduced Filter Consumables – MI240 Hydraulic’s ultra-low varnish potential greatly reduces carbon and wear particle build-up

Biodegradable – The greener choice compared with a mineral oil lubricant

Reduced Energy Consumption – Reported as approximately 7%

Superior Fluid Under Temperate Fluctuations – Better fluid flow at low temperature, better protection at elevated temperature

Lowest Total Cost of Ownership – Quicker payback compared to mineral oils

Stay-Clean Hydraulic Fluid

Mineral oil based fluids rapidly oxidise and varnish. They become highly contaminated and require frequent fluid replacement.

Conversely MI240 HYDRAULIC resists oxidation and varnishing, maintaining their original cleanliness and have long fluid life.

This in underpinned by the ISO 4406 test results in extended field trials which analyses particulate contamination.

Fluid Cleanliness comparison MI240 Hydraulic Fluid

Longer Service Life and Fewer Fluid Changes

Mineral oil based fluids become so highly contaminated in use that they require frequent replacement.

MI240 HYDRAULIC fluids outperform mineral oil. Their useable lifespan equates to multiple mineral oil fluid changes, saving you downtime and offer vastly reduced fluid disposal costs.

MI240 Hydraulic Fluid saves you money