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Quieter running - Reduced fling-off - Repels water

MI240 Bike Chain Lubricants

MI240 BIKE chain lubricants are high-performing, rigorously tested, acclaimed, biolubricants for all-weather motor bike and bicycle chain protection and lubrication.

Due to MI240 BIKE chain lubricant’s inherent high fluid film strength, it easily penetrates between chain pins and side plates and forms a tenacious thin-film protective coating. The coating does not oxidise or form sticky resins so that the chain remains clean and clear of discolouration – and because the thin fluid film does not attract dust and dirt, abrasive wear is reduced and chain life extended.

At higher loads, MI240 BIKE has a lower coefficient of friction compared to mineral oil ensuring freer moving more efficient and quieter chain function.

Salt corrosion protection (SCP) versions are available to provide extra chain durability during the winter months and in coastal, salt-belt areas.

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MI240 Bike Chain Lubricants

Proven MI240 BIKE Chain Lubricant Benefits

High Performing – High fluid film strength for superior chain lubrication

All-weather formulation – For use in wet and dry conditions

Quieter more efficient running – Lower friction coefficient at higher loads than mineral oil-based lubricants

Longer Bike Chain Life and Reduced Servicing – Abrasive wear on the chain is reduced and its life extended

Superior Salt Corrosion Protection – Special ‘SCP’ additive versions give added salt corrosion protection

Biodegradable and Non Toxic – The greener choice compared with a mineral oil based lubricant

We tested the lube in a range of weather conditions. We were impressed with how little dirt the lube picked up, even after a gravel ride.

It also handled the rain well, during both the simulated ‘garden hose’ test and out in the real world, leaving our chain rust-free and running smoothly, even after 100 winter miles.

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The longer-life bike chain lubricant

MI240 BIKE chain lubricant outperforms mineral oil equivalents. It is oxidation resistant and will not form sticky resins and so does not attract dust and dirt.

The chain therefore remains clean and clear of debris, discolouration resulting in fewer chain breakages and reduced servicing.

This is why, as shown here, MI240 BIKE has a lower coefficient of friction at higher loads compared with mineral oil based lubricants.

MI240 BIKE Chain Lubricant Friction Force