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Save energy and reduce your bills

MI240 HYDRAULIC saves energy during use in hydraulic systems due to a combination of the following properties and characteristics which are not present with mineral oil-based alternatives.

  • MI240 HYDRAULIC is accurately formulated and blended to balance minimal viscous drag with excellent protection
  • The synthetic ester base has very high lubricity and thoroughly coats and adheres to metal surfaces
  • MI240 HYDRAULIC’s high viscosity index means it flows better at low temperatures and protects better at high temperatures
  • Mineral oils varnish and degrade with use, unlike MI240 HYDRAULIC, which retains all of its lubricating properties for far longer

Additionally, mineral oil-based hydraulic fluids tend to “varnish” in use and because of this contamination they require frequent replacement. MI240 HYDRAULIC stays clean in use, facilitating several times the fluid life.

This means that users of MI240 HYDRAULIC can reduce by an order of magnitude the following:

– Occurrence of downtime frequency
– Downtime costs through lost production hours
– Fluid disposal costs

We challenge you to enter your energy usage and let us tell you how much you could save with MI240 HYDRAULIC – just on one machine.

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Proven Hydraulic Fluid Benefits

Longer Hydraulic Fluid Life – Reduced oxidation and varnishing during operation

Reduced Downtime – Less machine wear, reduced risk of spool valve jamming

Reduced Filter Consumables – MI240 Hydraulic’s ultra-low varnish potential greatly reduces carbon and wear particle build-up

Biodegradable – The greener choice compared with a mineral oil lubricant

Reduced Energy Consumption – Reported as approximately 7%

Superior Fluid Under Temperate Fluctuations – Better fluid flow at low temperature, better protection at elevated temperature

Lowest Total Cost of Ownership – Quicker payback compared to mineral oils